Most Famous sayings:Edit

Prawn sayings are a very common and unique phenomenon.They are so unique in fact, they have been given the name Prawnus Sayus in scientific communities, but are more commonly refered to as preek (Prawn Speak) in popular culture.

The most common prawn sayings include:

This building got prawned!

You got Prawned! - Slang- "You got owned!"

Yo Prawn! - Used mainly by gangsters- Slang for "yo bro!"

I'ma Prawn You! - Slang- "I'ma Shank You!". Made famous by the shanking guy.

I'm going to PrawnHub that! - Slang- I'm going to put that on PrawnHub.

"Prawn a Leg' -'' Slang- "Break a leg"

Famous Prawn quotes: "A small step for prawns, a giant leap for prawn-kind." - Prawnce Armprawn

"I have a prawn, that one day men and prawns can live together is peace." - Prawnthin Prawnther Prawn-King

"To prawn or not to prawn, that is the question." - Wilprawn Shakyprawn

"Life is like a box of prawns, you never know what your going to get." -Prawn Hanks

"Prawn, James Prawn." - Prawn Connery

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